*****The 2016 Tournament season is almost over Please participate in the remaining tournaments Volunteer or sign up in the Pro shop. *****


Welcome to the Green Oaks Photo Area 2016.

The tournament Committee (Mr. Bobby Parker) has been the driving force behind the 2016 Tournament season with help from Mike, Cleo, Connie and Carl. The funds raised by this committee via tournaments is instrumental in purchasing items required by the Golf Course. It helps pay the taxes. Playing in these events helps keep your dues down and avoid another assessment (which I know you all love). So instead of complaining about things, Support your club for a change, It may not be here much longer if you do not start to care about it.

While there have been several tournaments and activities at Green Oaks so far this year. Since I have participated in them, I could not take photos. If anyone has Photos of any events at Green Oaks, let me know and I will post them in the appropriate year. If you have nothing to do, I will let you use a camera to take photos of events I am not available for.