Green Oaks Golf Course retains the Arbre Cup

Ladies and Gentlemen, after a hard fought battle, 16 players from Green Oaks Golf Course defeated 16 Players from Elm Lake Golf Course to retain the coveted Arbre Cup. Elm Lake jumped out to a 6 to 2 lead after the first round, which was a two man scramble. Green oaks then came back to tie up the match in the four ball competition winning 6 out of the 8 point. The ownership and bragging rights for the Arbre cup came down to the final round, the dreaded singles match. Green Oaks won 9 of the 16 points available to secure the right to display the Arbre cup for another year. While this competition was designed to foster camaraderie between the two courses and give the players a chance to renew old friendships, it was, never the less, a bitter fight the end. The Host Course, Elm Lake, provide a bag lunch for all the players after the first round of Play (2 Man Scramble), and an entire feast consisting of Brisket, Potato salad, Baked Beans, Rolls and sweet and unsweetened tea. The Brisket was tender and mouthwatering. Our thanks to all the people involved behind the scene and the Players at Elm Lake for your hospitality and continued friendship.

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