2012 Atwell Atkins Memorial Invitational 23 - 24 June

Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all I wish to thank the 47 players who make this years Atwell Atkins Memorial Invitational Tournament a success. For those of you who missed it, Bobby cooked some great steaks for dinner on Saturday after Happy Hour. There was music available for those who wished to stick around and dance. There was also a pitching contest where players would purchase three balls for $5.00 and then try to pitch them into the middle of a tire floating in number 10 lake. The weather was fantastic for the middle of June, no rain and the heat was not excessive as one would expect for this time of the year. Jacob Gable won the championship flight in a two hole sudden death play off. I appologize for the lack of photos but it's hard to play in a tournament and take pictures at the same time. I am hoping that next year we can get someone else to take the photos
but that hasn't worked out to well so far.

Again, thank you for participating in this event and hope to see you at the next one..

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