12 June 2016
API Tournament @ Green Oaks

Well everyone started out the day Saturday with breakfast ,make your own Burritos. Scrambled eggs, Sausage Salsa and the works. Really a great way to start the day provide by Mc Junkin Redman Corp. The weather was fantastic and overall the fairways were in great shape. The Greens were in much better shape then last year since we have contracted a company to maintain the course for this year. Why lie, some of the greens were not yet in full bloom and as such provided their own unique challenge. Lets not forget the Mississippi humidity, nevertheless the players persevered and went on to complete the round. Later they gathered in the Club dinning room for dinner and the award presentations. Every year the API holds events such as this Golf tournament to raise funds for various charities and scholarships. A job well done.

We would like to thank all the people who participated and all the vendors who supplied the fantastic food and beverages, and the ladies who assisted in the dispersal of the beverages. And a special thank you to all the people who worked behind the scenes to make this tournament a success every year..... Well Done!

These are Photos of the people who played in the annual API Tournament held at Green Oaks Golf Course in June of 2016. To see a higher resolution photo, click on the photo you want to see. Remember to get back to this screen, use the back button on your browsers.