3 Person Scramble 22- 23 Sept 2012

If you did not play in the three Person scramble held at Greenoaks Golf Course on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2012, you missed a perfect weekend for Golf and renewed freindships as well as the chance to make a few new friends. The weather was perfect as you can see from some of the photos below. After play on Saturday there was a happy hour and fantastic chicken dinner. Later , if you were hanging around you cluld have witnessed the magic tricks which I videoed below. Our next tournament is a one (1) person scramble in October. If your like me my partner in a one person scramble usually leaves early or doen't show up at all, Enjoy the photos and videos below and I hope we see you at the One Person in October.it.

Again, on behalf for the Green Oaks Tournament Committee, Thank you one and all.
Click here for Magic Trick Videos